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Our design staff, quality control department and equipment operators, combined with our own in-house machine tool shop experience, are all continuously taking us to new levels in design, building, modifications and machine tool life. Working closely with customers to design machine tools for particular functions and providing drawings for confirmed sign off prior to manufacture, costly mistakes are avoided due to mistaken communication. Modifications to existing items or new tools starting from a blank are available within required timeframes providing adequate consultation time has been planned.

ToolSupply Ltd incorporates all the necessary equipment from start to finish tool manufacturing. This gives us complete control of every step of production and insures the customer of consistent quality.

If you do not have a Design for the tool you need, send us the part print, or CAD drawing, or even the part and we will take care of the rest

Made with solid carbide, high speed steel or steel body with carbide tip, ToolSupply Ltd will manufacture from one tool to as many as you require.


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